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Shipping Tips

Know What You Are Shipping
Dimensions and weight, how many pieces, when it's ready to go, where is it being shipped from and where it needs to be delivered. You will need all of this pertinent information for us to make sure your shipment is delivered successfully.

Know When Your Freight Needs To Arrive
This is always important in setting up costs. You may need expedited service, hot shot team services or L.T.L. services.

Know The Value of The Shipment
This is important for insurance purposes.

Make Sure That Your Freight Is Properly Crated and Packed
Trucking companies will only take freight if it is ready for loading and will handle the "rigors of the road".

Always Know Where Your Freight Is
You need a working relationship with a company that will look after your freight each day. Airlift Associates Sdn. Bhd. will supply you with updated information from beginning to end on the status of your shipment.








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